Technical Presentation Milestone at UWaterloo

Jun 2, 2015

One of the requirements for Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo is to make a technical presentation on a topic of your choosing. Seeing as I spend much of my last coop do backend optimizations, I decided to make my presentation on “Scaling Backend API”. Some of the other presentations I saw were also very interesting. Sam Maier talked about how to make a robot drive straight, Jason Loo talked about Git workflows, Soheil Koushan talked about automated Android tests, Andy Zhang talked about Java vs Javascript object oriented programming, and John Weber talked about different approaches to testing code.

I would have actually liked to go into more detail on my slides, but we are required to make the presentation between 12 - 15 minutes. There were a couple slides that I had to rush through, especially how I implemented ‘parallel’ caching when multiple servers were spun up. Overall, I think I did well, and I also learned a lot from my peers.

Download a copy here.